FAQ – Hand over cases

  • By fax : 023 347 5690

  • Scan to email to Carla: carla@prodebtonline.co.za

  • Physical collection by our field agent

The saying “The older the debt the more difficult to collect” is true.
Therefore we suggest that the following procedures be put in place:

  • Manage the age analysis by handing over files on a monthly basis

  • Cash clients older than 60 days be handed over to us

  • Medical fund clients 120 days and older to be handed in to us

Debtors do this to avoid paying the legal costs on the account. If you accept payments you need to inform us immediately and make the payment to us.

If you do not do this you will be held responsible for the costs we had on the account. It’s best to mark all the handovers on your system and not to accept payments. Medical aid fund payments are a different situation, and you may inform us of such payments received and we credit the account

The program is web based. This enables you to go on our websites www.esterhuyze.co.za & www.prodebtonline.co.za and log in using your unique username and password to access your debtor records. These records are available 24/7 and are real time based.

To ensure that your question or complaints are handled effectively the following procedures can be followed:

  • Speak to our Marketing Agent

  • Send us a fax or email

  • Phone us

As we follow the procedures as prescribed in the Magistrates Court Act we need to receive instructions in a manner that we can prove the claim and find the debtor as soon as possible, Therefore we need:

  • The invoice for the services rendered (describing the service)

  • The debtor’s personal details i.e. telephone numbers, address, id numbers etc.

  • Within 48 hours of receipt the debt is captured on the system and the letter of demand goes out to the debtor

  • If the debtor does not pay within 10 days of letter of demand or makes alternative arrangements to settle the account, the matter gets handed over to a Tracing company.

  • Track & Trace confirms all the information and visit the debtor to make an agreement to pay the debt or list their assets.

  • If the debtor does not comply with the agreement made we follow the legal process to get a Garnishee order.

  • If the debtor does not want to co-operate with the tracers we immediately issue a Summons and end the process with a Warrant of Execution

  • For amounts smaller than R400-00 we do call centre collections 1 letter and 3 calls with – no payment we refer back to you as Client as it’s not cost effective on these matters

Pay-outs are made to clients on a monthly basis. The pay over report is easy to read and you are provided with the amount allocated to each debtor. Our distribution is done in terms of the Contract on Capital. The payments are done electronically directly into your bank account.

If a matter must be stopped due to a wrongful handover you must accept that you will be billed for the real expenses ProDebt incurred on the matter. It is important to stop a matter as soon as possible as we work on a diarised system resulting that actions get taken very fast. Actions result in cost. An e-mail or fax to stop the matter is the procedure to follow.

We prefer to collect amounts higher than R 250-00 and matters younger than 180 days.

The fresher the debt the easier to collect!