ProDebt Debt Management

Managing debt in the most efficient way possible for medical and educational professionals and -businesses.

ProDebt is a well-respected debt management company, which manage the debt collection services of our clients. Established since 1998, our main focus is to assist the professional sector by collecting debts in an effortless manner.

This includes medical professionals like surgeons and specialists, dentists, veterinary practices, psychology/psychiatry practices, as well as educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities.

At its essence, our business is the management of bad debt that we administrate on behalf of our clients based on a predetermined agreement with the business in question. All queries are handled in house and clients receive monthly pay-over reports.

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When you collaborate with ProDebt, you can rest assured of:

Let us handle all your management of debt owed to your company so that you can focus on your business, clients and patients.

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